Protect Students & Inform Families About High-Stakes Standardized Testing

Please ask your New Jersey legislators to vote YES on four bipartisan bills that protect students and inform families about high-stakes standardized testing!


These four bipartisan bills are moving through the New Jersey Legislature right now: 

A4165/S2767 Protects students from "sit & stare" and other punitive measures imposed when their families refuse high-stakes standardized tests.

A4190/S2768 Freezes the use of PARCC high-stakes standardized test scores for three years, to enable this experimental test to be proven effective before it is used to evaluate (and to punish) our children, our teachers, and our public schools.

A3079/S2766 Prohibits the administration of non-diagnostic standardized tests prior to 3rd grade.

A3077/S2765 Informs families of all standardized tests administered by school districts and charter schools, including their uses and costs.

Please ask your New Jersey legislators to vote Yes on these bills.

Thank you for all that you do to protect our children and our public schools!


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