Please help stop forced school closings and privatization!

In late December 2013, just days before the start of winter vacation, the Christie Administration informed Newark families that it was closing many of their public schools and turning others over to private management
The school closings and privatization would
  • Eliminate local public school options for many children, forcing them to take two to three buses to get to school  
  • Destroy school communities that go back more than 80 years
  • Remove historic public buildings from community use

Yet the people of Newark, whose children attend those public schools, were not consulted in any way when the Christie Administration made this decision. 

In fact, Newark residents have been shut out of all decisions affecting their public schools, as they battle almost two-decades of State control.
Please help them do so by signing this petition, asking the New Jersey Legislature to require a community vote before public schools can be closed or privatized. 
So far, 31 New Jersey legislators have publicly stated their opposition to closing public schools against the host community wishes.   Please ask all New Jersey legislators to support this fundamental part of local, democratic control of public education!   

Public schools belong to the people!  That is why the people of Newark, and every other community, should get to decide what happens to their public schools!

This petition has a goal of 5000 signatures
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5289 4.4 years ago toby sanders trenton, NJ Time to stop killing our public schools through misguided austerity and systematic inequality.
5288 6.6 years ago Bonnie Parks Milltown, NJ I am a public school librarian. I have no funds to buy supplies. The roof has a leak and it rains in my library. RAINS. I believe in public education. Please stop this charter school takeover.
5287 6.6 years ago Anonymous turnersville, NJ
5286 6.6 years ago matthew Haber springfield, NJ
5285 6.6 years ago Robert Braverman Northfield, NJ Dump High cost and meaningless
Testing !! Kids don't learn taking tests !
5284 6.6 years ago Ava Annese Westwood, NJ
5283 7.2 years ago Dolores Stefani Basking Ridge, NJ
5282 7.2 years ago Dolores Stefani Basking Ridge, NJ
5281 7.2 years ago Dolores Stefani Basking Ridge, NJ
5280 7.2 years ago Dolores Stefani Basking Ridge, NJ
5279 7.2 years ago Dolores Stefani Basking Ridge, NJ
5278 7.3 years ago Margaret Beissinger Princeton, NJ
5277 7.3 years ago Mica Mc Ghee-Bey Newark, NJ
5276 7.3 years ago Patrick Herbert Sicklerville, NJ
5275 7.3 years ago barbara konig somerset, NJ
5274 7.3 years ago Elizabeth Riello-Connors Point Pleasant, NJ
5273 7.3 years ago Vanessa Richardson Trenton, NJ
5272 7.3 years ago Jennifer Evans Hoboken, NJ
5271 7.3 years ago Lisa Rispoli Freehold, NJ
5270 7.3 years ago Anonymous newark, NJ
5269 7.3 years ago Anonymous Forked river, NJ
5268 7.3 years ago Marie Engle Brick, NJ There are many dedicated public teachers and districts that work hard to prepare students for the world. The breakdown of the family plays a major role in the apathy of today's students. It's time...
5267 7.3 years ago Ruth Steele Irvington, NJ
5266 7.3 years ago Susan Pollack Highland Park, NJ
5265 7.3 years ago Douglas Cohen Budd lake, NJ I don't even see how any of this is legal let alone what is best for our children. If you really want what is best for the kids, put this amount of energy into improving the schools that are struggl...
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